Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Graduates felt the "job card" applauded

Inscription: 11 at the end of the day, wrote at IDG point open "recruitment and training," Channel, saw a change from the People's Network to the "students for employment" zero salary "and other weird endless" article, I feel deep, After the article into a spit faster.

I have a few years because of their graduates more than Fair interview experience, graduates seeking jobs for college students out of "zero salary" and other weird quite an impression. To sum up, the move reflects the operation of university graduates want to own properly "married" off to find a good "husband" and the urgent desire and initiative.

Two or three years, our institutions of higher learning after the previous general enrollment students greeted one after another moment of graduation. Overall, college graduates in China is indeed "a lot more than just year after year", and the increase in the number of graduates is no doubt exacerbated by competition for jobs momentum. In "has a good job, good job," the good wishes behind a lot of difficulty also increases imperceptibly. In the sea of people in the job you want to force the spell of a "blood" Road to "Bole" a phase, graduates can no little thought and clever brains in your resume to dress, making arts and then to shine the personal album shoot DV and beauty, cosmetic and other inside and out, sparing no effort, a large number of students graduating from high consumption gave birth to overheat the economy, "industry", and its huge financial investment is often the average family or even the economy is relatively well-off families unbearable, but to the children's dreams, most of the graduates of the family and friends have had to bite the hardest hit. For example, resume, many students do not fear your r茅sum茅 is not fine is not high informative comparisons to blindly follow the trend, copying not work on the print, their design professionals to design poorly on the funding requested, actual results may often backfire. On the one hand, for the production of these resumes, graduates spend a lot a lot of money, but also take into account a lot of time, to a certain extent, affected the academic learning; the other hand, face a thick indeed, Zaza resume pile, the recruitment unit on behalf of the many sad too cheeky, very difficult to have the energy and time to look further, not to mention the personality who is also so and so impressed, and finally drop out elaborate resume not produce the desired in effect is not surprising that eventually came to nothing, it makes sigh.

"'Hello, this is my business card, please contact me!' Battle in this year's graduates in the job, self-introduction, the first full business card handed personality, a new wave of graduates seeking jobs, not help people before us a light. ... ... "When I read the text content, whom could not help but applaud.

Why such a fuss miles? Let me talk about employment card itself. The author nearly two years at several universities as well as the talent market will run on (Graduate Employment Fair) is to see that these job cards greeting card style, most common business card size, its a personal resume, a former post, Awards, contact information clear and concise, some of them posted personal photos, both drill and very fresh. After careful observation I found that this seemingly ordinary "job card" in fact there are a lot of stress, contains a lot of doorways, and strive to Make it personal between the square inch and features many "job card" ingenuity alone Design and production with the flexibility to reflect the wisdom of some graduates. This is in close personal and professional characteristics, corporate culture, is particularly significant. For example, some art Xi'an graduates of professional art design their own signature to express individuality; Department of Chinese Mou Health unusual vertical with the current way of business card paper use the advanced coated paper, with the color yellow, Shide card antique, very arrests the eye; a candidate foreign students, foreign language used in the job search business card, but also cleverly added a few words of foreign Folk Proverbs motivational, very choose the easy way out to meet the employer's culture.

Let me say from the job search business card reflects a job in the new concept. As the article said that professional planners from the past, the blind pursuit of large and transition to a focused, shows students an idea of job progress and breakthrough. But at the same time, I have a rather strong feeling that "construction of a conservation society" is the theme of today's China the demand of the times, how the chorus and the resume and be "thin" to do "Jane" and other issues now attracted a lot of graduates of positive thinking, "job card" phenomenon reflects the strong demand for graduates well-echo times, the simple one "job card" to a large extent graduates seeking jobs saved input costs, such as time of investment, capital investments. In addition, the "job card" also reflects the graduates entering the workplace to the community's strong sense of responsibility and strong self-confidence, which will no doubt accelerate the process of vocational graduates.

On the appeal by the author to graduate "job card" applauded.


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