Monday, October 18, 2010

Chao: Sina merger motives Focus

December 22 evening news, Sina CEO Charles Chao, president and chief analyst at the just held a conference call that the merger of Focus Sina outdoor digital media business behind the formation of synergistic effect is the driving force of this merger, he said, the newly formed platform including a mainstream consumer market in China.

In a conference call with analysts ask: What makes the merger Focus Sina part of the business. Chao said the two companies behind the business synergy is the driving force of this merger, and will set up a leading new media advertising platform, "This platform includes a mainstream consumer market in China.

Chao said the two businesses will create synergy between, there are a large number of users can share with Focus Media. "More importantly, we are not only able to cover high-end consumers, but also can be achieved in different time periods covered. This is very powerful, we will create a new integrated customer solutions."

"Our market share will be greater, will provide advertisers with better prices, better results. Will give both companies greater benefits." Chao said.

The industry also expressed this view recognized eCapital CEO Ran Wang said the increase in media assets help to improve the ability of our advertising marketing services, "the two sides together overlapping assets, will make the richer, linkage, and efficient cross-media Integrated advertising marketing possible. "

SINA Corporation and Focus Media Group announced late on December 22 the two sides reached an agreement, Sina will combine outdoor Focus's digital advertising business. Under the agreement, Sina will be issuing 47 million common shares for the purchase of a subsidiary of Focus Media Focus buildings television, advertising, and shopping mall advertising framework of business-related assets. Focus Media will retain its Internet advertising business, cinema advertising, and traditional outdoor billboard business.

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Graduates felt the "job card" applauded

Inscription: 11 at the end of the day, wrote at IDG point open "recruitment and training," Channel, saw a change from the People's Network to the "students for employment" zero salary "and other weird endless" article, I feel deep, After the article into a spit faster.

I have a few years because of their graduates more than Fair interview experience, graduates seeking jobs for college students out of "zero salary" and other weird quite an impression. To sum up, the move reflects the operation of university graduates want to own properly "married" off to find a good "husband" and the urgent desire and initiative.

Two or three years, our institutions of higher learning after the previous general enrollment students greeted one after another moment of graduation. Overall, college graduates in China is indeed "a lot more than just year after year", and the increase in the number of graduates is no doubt exacerbated by competition for jobs momentum. In "has a good job, good job," the good wishes behind a lot of difficulty also increases imperceptibly. In the sea of people in the job you want to force the spell of a "blood" Road to "Bole" a phase, graduates can no little thought and clever brains in your resume to dress, making arts and then to shine the personal album shoot DV and beauty, cosmetic and other inside and out, sparing no effort, a large number of students graduating from high consumption gave birth to overheat the economy, "industry", and its huge financial investment is often the average family or even the economy is relatively well-off families unbearable, but to the children's dreams, most of the graduates of the family and friends have had to bite the hardest hit. For example, resume, many students do not fear your r茅sum茅 is not fine is not high informative comparisons to blindly follow the trend, copying not work on the print, their design professionals to design poorly on the funding requested, actual results may often backfire. On the one hand, for the production of these resumes, graduates spend a lot a lot of money, but also take into account a lot of time, to a certain extent, affected the academic learning; the other hand, face a thick indeed, Zaza resume pile, the recruitment unit on behalf of the many sad too cheeky, very difficult to have the energy and time to look further, not to mention the personality who is also so and so impressed, and finally drop out elaborate resume not produce the desired in effect is not surprising that eventually came to nothing, it makes sigh.

"'Hello, this is my business card, please contact me!' Battle in this year's graduates in the job, self-introduction, the first full business card handed personality, a new wave of graduates seeking jobs, not help people before us a light. ... ... "When I read the text content, whom could not help but applaud.

Why such a fuss miles? Let me talk about employment card itself. The author nearly two years at several universities as well as the talent market will run on (Graduate Employment Fair) is to see that these job cards greeting card style, most common business card size, its a personal resume, a former post, Awards, contact information clear and concise, some of them posted personal photos, both drill and very fresh. After careful observation I found that this seemingly ordinary "job card" in fact there are a lot of stress, contains a lot of doorways, and strive to Make it personal between the square inch and features many "job card" ingenuity alone Design and production with the flexibility to reflect the wisdom of some graduates. This is in close personal and professional characteristics, corporate culture, is particularly significant. For example, some art Xi'an graduates of professional art design their own signature to express individuality; Department of Chinese Mou Health unusual vertical with the current way of business card paper use the advanced coated paper, with the color yellow, Shide card antique, very arrests the eye; a candidate foreign students, foreign language used in the job search business card, but also cleverly added a few words of foreign Folk Proverbs motivational, very choose the easy way out to meet the employer's culture.

Let me say from the job search business card reflects a job in the new concept. As the article said that professional planners from the past, the blind pursuit of large and transition to a focused, shows students an idea of job progress and breakthrough. But at the same time, I have a rather strong feeling that "construction of a conservation society" is the theme of today's China the demand of the times, how the chorus and the resume and be "thin" to do "Jane" and other issues now attracted a lot of graduates of positive thinking, "job card" phenomenon reflects the strong demand for graduates well-echo times, the simple one "job card" to a large extent graduates seeking jobs saved input costs, such as time of investment, capital investments. In addition, the "job card" also reflects the graduates entering the workplace to the community's strong sense of responsibility and strong self-confidence, which will no doubt accelerate the process of vocational graduates.

On the appeal by the author to graduate "job card" applauded.


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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Common operation of FreeBSD 5.2

1. Chinese locale
FreeBSD 5.2 currently supported by the Simplified Chinese locale has the following:
As zh_CN.EUC is not a formal Chinese locale, FreeBSD 5.2 Release of XFree86 removed the support of zh_CN.EUC only support zh_CN.eucCN, for zh_CN.GBK and zh_CN.GB18030 in most Chinese ports that have not yet appropriate support. Is still zh_CN.eucCN (using GB2312 encoding) locale is most formal, but also the most mature.
The Chinese locale set methods (bash, can be used chsh to change, fcitx input method):


# File / etc / profile
export LANG = "zh_CN.eucCN"
export LC_CTYPE = "zh_CN.eucCN"
export XMODIFIERS =''@ im = fcitx''

Zh_CN.eucCN by the zh_CN.EUC to trigger the ports of some new problems. If fcitx to start, but the control panel can not display Chinese characters. The solution is to open / usr / ports / chinese / fcitx / Makefile, change all the strings zh_CN.EUC zh_CN.eucCN can.

Of course, you can still set zh_CN.EUC, but you need to ln a zh_CN.EUC the locale:

cd / usr / share / locale & & ln-s zh_CN.eucCN zh_CN.EUC

2.X under the best terminal gnome-terminal
If you use bash, and like the Linux prompt is displayed, you can / etc / profile add the following:
if ["$ BASH"]; then
PS1 =''u @ h: w $''
if ["` id-u `"-eq 0]; then
PS1 =''#''
PS1 =''$''

If your gnome-terminal does not make any settings, / etc / profile will not play any role. Can be set as follows:
Start gnome2 (startx / usr/X11R6/bin/gnome-session) and start the gnome-terminal, open the menu and click on: Edit -> current profile (U )..., open the "Title and Command" option card, select the "run shell command" can be after the close.

3.mozilla other browser plug-ins (Flash, acrobat):
First, install linuxpluginwrapper the port:

cd / usr / ports / www / linuxpluginwrapper & & make all install clean

And then in / etc under the accession libmap.conf which reads as follows:
# / Etc / libmap.conf for FreeBSD 5.x
# $ Id: libmap.conf-FreeBSD5.x, v 1.1 2003/11/09 07:39:33 nork Exp $

# Flash6 with Opera is not avilable.

# Flash6 with Konqueror (temporary setting)
[/ Opt / mozilla / plugins /] pluginwrapper/
libstdc + liblstdc + +. so.4 pluginwrapper/

# Flash6 with Mozilla / Firebird / Galeon / Epiphany
[/ Usr/local/lib/linux-flashplugin6/] pluginwrapper/
libstdc + liblstdc + +. so.4 pluginwrapper/

# Acrobat with Opera
# [/ Usr/X11R6/lib/browser_plugins/]
# pluginwrapper /

# Acrobat with Konqueror (temporary setting)
# [/ Opt / mozilla / plugins /]
# pluginwrapper /

# Acrobat with Mozilla / Firebird / Galeon / Epiphany
# [/ Usr/local/Acrobat5/Browsers/intellinux/]
# pluginwrapper /

4.fat32, ntfs, cd9660 partition the problem of Chinese file name.
Chinese before the directory has gbfs port support, now can be realized without installing gbfs fat32 partition display Chinese file name. Is in the implementation of load-L zh_CN.eucCN mount_msDosfs parameters, such as:

mount_msdosfs-L zh_CN.eucCN / dev/ad0s1 / mnt / disk

Cd9660 for ntfs and format, then use the other parameters-C gbk, such as:
mount_cd9660-C gbk / dev/acd0 / cdrom

mount_ntfs-C gbk / dev/ad0s1 / mnt / win

5.gnome2 Chinese garbled in xmms and gimp problem.
Both procedures are based on older gtk +1.2, the problem can be garbled in the user directory set up. Gtkrc.mine file:
cat / usr/X11R6/share/themes/Default/gtk/gtkrc.zh_CN> $ HOME / .gtkrc.mine

Of course, you need according to your practical situation. Gtkrc.mine content, specific ways to refer to a number of posts in this forum.

6.nvidia official driver problems.
Driver Download:
I configured the XFree86 nv driver that comes with (preferably xf86cfg). But after installed the nvidia driver can not start X, by constantly trying to only remove / etc/X11/XF86Config in
This line to start.

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How to become a DBA from a beginner

Oracle's system is too large, and for beginners, there are some know how to make sense of what want to learn what the results are not adopted, so the learning experience to share about the hope that people just started an oracle overall understanding and less to go some detours.

1, location

oracle divided into two blocks, one is to develop a piece of the management. Development mainly write stored procedures, triggers something, there is to use Oracle's Develop tools to do form. Somewhat similar to the programmer, need to have strong logical thinking and creative ability, personally think that would be more difficult, is the young rice J; management will need to oracle database on a deep understanding of the principle, there is strong global maneuvering ability and thinking , greater responsibility, because a small mistake would be down off the entire database, relative the former, the latter experience more value.

Heavy responsibility for database management, few companies are willing to hire a person just to manage access to oracle database. For young people who have just graduated, you can choose to do first, the development has some experience in transition, to do database management. Of course, it still depends on who the actual conditions.

Second, learning

My approach is very simple: reading, thinking, writing notes, doing experiments, and then think, write notes

After reading what the theory that he stop and think about it, ask yourself a few why, then learned and the knowledge to make a point of note; to not understand or have questions about when, on doing the experiment, think about how can it be the same, the experimental results recorded. Thinking and doing experiments is to in-depth understanding of the knowledge points. The process of taking notes, but also clarify their own thinking process.

Learning process is to make a problem from the fuzzy to clear, then clear to the fuzzy process. Changes each time they are representative of your knowledge and learn a new point.

Process of learning also from point to a line from the line to network, from network to the surface process. When the points into lines, you will have the feeling of total clear insight. When the net to a plane, you are master of the

Many users, especially beginners who have problems to get a forum up question, the question before, you have not checked the book, he has not studied, there is no search on the Forum? This is called lazy thinking. By someone else to answer your question, let you quickly make sense of this knowledge is not hard at points, but through their own efforts to study it, not only a better understanding of the knowledge points, more importantly, the study process will improve your problem solving and analytical problems. Overall, the study did not delve into the attitude, No matter what, will not succeed.

Of course, the beginner is that people often encounter problems, no start, do not know where to find information, will be the forum to ask questions. But I think the time in question, is not it can ask other people how to analyze the problem? Where can I find relevant information? Rather than the answer to this question is to what? Teach One to fish than giving the fishing.

Now I say I am the problem solving process

First of all, the official website to know oracle: there various versions of oracle database, application tools and authority of official documents. Furthermore, we should know bought here or oracle oracle service partners can go in, there are many authoritative solutions and patches. Then there was some well-known Web site:, There is a lot of the voice of experience.

Encountered a problem. If the conceptual problems, the first time can find, here to give you the most detailed explanation. If the process is running out of what went wrong. Can go to metalink to see. If you want to know the treatment for a few days. Can go asktom. Of course. Here are just relative.

3, oracle system

oracle's system is very large, to learn it, we must first understand the oracle framework. Here, a brief talk about the oracle of the structure to allow beginners to have a general understanding of oracle.

1, the physical structure (the control files, data files, redo log files, parameter files, archived files, password files)

Control file: to maintain and verify database integrity contains the necessary information, for example, control file used to identify the data files and redo log files, a database at least one control file

Data files: data files stored

Redo log files: with the changes to the database record, so if failure can enable data recovery. A database requires at least two redo log files

Parameter file: define the characteristics of Oracle routines, for example, it contains some of the memory structure to adjust the size of SGA parameters

Archive: yes copy offline redo log files, these copies may be to recover from media failure is necessary.

Password file: Certification which users have permission to start and shut down Oracle routines

2, logic structures (table spaces, section, district, block)

Table space: a database of basic logical structure, a series of collection of data files.

Section: the object space occupied in the database

District: one-time set aside for data storage of a large

Block: ORACLE basic storage unit, the time specified in the establishment of a database

3, memory allocation (SGA and PGA)

SGA: is used to store database information memory area, the information sharing process for the database. It contains the Oracle server's data and control information, which is the Oracle server resides in the computer's real memory can be allocated, if not go down to the actual memory write virtual memory.

PGA: contains a single server process or a single background process data and control information, and contrary to several PGA SGA shared process is only used by a process of regional, PGA is allocated in the creation process of recovery in the termination process,

4, the background process (data write process, the log write process, system monitoring, process monitoring, checkpoint process, archiving process, service process, the user process)

Data write process: responsible for the changed data from the database buffer cache to write data files

Log write process: the redo log buffer to write the changes in online redo log files

System Monitoring: Check the consistency of the database, if necessary, open the database will start to restore the database

Process Monitoring: Oracle process responsible for a failure to clean up resources

Checkpoint process: When the buffer cache responsible for the changes in the permanent record in the database, the update control file and data files in the database state information.

Archiving process: each log in the log when switching to full backup or archiving group

Service process: the process of service users.

User process: the client is responsible for the user's SQL statement passed to the service process and query data back from the server segment.

5, oracle routine: Oracle routine by the SGA memory structure and background processes used to manage the database component. Routines can only open and use a database.

6, SCN (System Change Number): system change number, a serial number within the system maintenance. When the system needs to be updated automatically when the increase, he is the system in order to maintain data consistency and important sign of recovery.

Fourth, in-depth study

Management: You can test OCP certificate, prior to the oracle of learning a system, then see Oracle Concepts, oracle online document, the principles of the oracle will have a better understanding at the same time to start making some special studies, such as: RMAN, RAS, STATSPACT, DATAGUARD, TUNING, BACKUP & RECOVER so.

Development: For want Oracle developed to understand the basic architecture of Oracle completed, you can focus on the PL / SQL and Oracle development tools in this section. PL / SQL mainly including how to write SQL statements, how to use Oracle's own functions, how to write stored procedures, stored functions, triggers and so on. Oracle's development tools, Oracle is mainly their Developer Suite (Oracle Forms Developer and Reports Developer them), learn how to skillfully use these tools.

Introduction Introduction to the books of several of the oracle

oracle official document: "concept" of the oracle of the system mentioned above and the concept is very suitable for a beginner.

OCP teaching books, that is, STUDY GUIDE (SG).

Oracle8i Backup and Recovery Guide

Oracle8 senior management and optimization

Oracle8i PLSQL Programming

Oracle8 DBA Handbook

These books are the Machinery Industry Publishing House.

Describes several Web sites oracle of official documents oracle technical support website. Need to purchase Oracle service can have an account, before landing, a large number of Knowledge Base, a large number of problem-solving experience. oracle's official website where you can down oracle software, official documents and get the latest news Oracle Magazine

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S1500 entry-level disk array read is cost-effective

The past two years, entry-level storage products more competitive market, competition is the focus of who can provide more cost-effective products. NEC S1500 Although the market for entry-level disk array fiber-optic products, but standard high-speed 4Gbps FC host interface, not only have all the advantages of S1400, and the cache capacity can be expanded to twice the S1400, that is 4GB, in a significant performance upgrade while maintaining the entry-level products should be ultra-high performance cost ratio.

NEC believes that as HBA, switch and the various storage vendors support to the growing 4G, 4G has wide application build a good platform. 4G products will not only be promoted in large enterprises, universal, even in entry-level market, will result in higher cost to the product advantage, thereby enhancing the competitiveness of their products. S1500 standard configuration up to 400MB / s high-speed 4Gbps FC host interface, even connect multiple servers, it can achieve high speed response. It is through the FC / SATA disk mix interpolation function to achieve low-cost backup and archiving technology, is a full account of customer needs, deserved the high cost entry-level storage products.

NEC S1500 addition to the old unique RAID 6, Dynamic Pool, Phoenix, dynamic data replication, dynamic snapshot, FC / SATA mixed interpolation and other advanced storage technology, but also supports dynamic data replication - the dynamic snapshot links the latest technology, is economical and practical to deploy storage solutions work group or small-scale sector organizations ideal. S1500 with advanced RAID 6 technology, through the double parity, significantly increased the reliability and availability of storage devices. During RAID 6 configuration, S1500 can easily use the Dynamic Pool function of the capacity to change the logical disk, without prejudice to other business cases, freely and efficiently as needed to create logical disks. S1500 with mature NEC Phoenix patented technology, can be slow on the response to the hard disk to a temporary separation, and automatic implementation of the hard disk scan, such as scanning results showed that there is no fault or failure to change can be restored, then the return to the original RAID hard disk, thus greatly reduce the rate of hard disk replacement. Meanwhile, the use of Phoenix technology, also enables the server to minimize the occurrence of slow access.

S1500 S1400 inherits the excellent design of the controller in the 3U unit, up to 15 hard drives installed. Cascade counters in the optional disk unit, can be installed up to 15 hard drives, and allows up to three disk cabinet to cascade, resulting in only 12U of rack space, provides up to 17.6TB of storage capacity.

In addition to the powerful outside, S1500 can also provide dynamic data replication, snapshots and other dynamic data replication capabilities, and dynamic data replication - the dynamic snapshot link function. Replication through a variety of data in close collaboration, we can fully meet the low-cost high-speed backup and backup needs.

NEC took the lead in the entry-level product support 4G interface technology, for the S1500 to give a higher cost performance advantages. I believe in 2006 in the low-end storage market, S1500 will accomplish much.

Located in the low-end enterprise applications


鈻?Standard features / specifications reference

Model name


Host Interface

4Gbps Fibre Channel

The number of host ports

4 Interface


Maximum physical capacity

2GB - 4GB (1GB - 2GB / controller)

Battery backup time

Maximum 72 hours (with optional battery)

Support RAID levels

RAID-0, 1, 5, 10, 50, 6

Storage Capacity * 1

300GB hard drive, optical fiber


Maximum support for 13.8 TB

147GB hard drive, optical fiber


6.8 TB maximum support

73GB hard drive, optical fiber


3.4 TB maximum support

400GB SATA hard drive


Maximum support for 17.6 TB

The number of hard disk drives

300 / 147 / 73 / 400GB hard drive

3 - 60

Hard disk drive specifications

Hard Drive Interface

2Gbps Fibre Channel / 1.5Gbps SATA

Capacity * 1

(After formatting)

300GB hard drive, optical fiber

288.0 GB

147GB hard drive, optical fiber

142.9 GB

73GB hard drive, optical fiber

71.6 GB

400GB SATA hard drive

393.2 GB


300GB hard drive, optical fiber

10,000 rpm

147GB hard drive, optical fiber

10,000 rpm / 15,000 rpm

73GB hard drive, optical fiber

10,000 rpm / 15,000 rpm

400GB SATA hard drive

7,200 rpm

Support the operating system * 2

HP-UX, Solaris,

Windows2000, Windows2003

Linux, AIX

Chassis Dimensions

(W x D x H)

Disk Array Controller Unit

482 x 596 x 131 mm

Cascade chassis unit disk

482 x 594 x 131 mm

EIA Standard Height

纾佺洏闃靛垪鎺у埗鍣ㄥ崟鍏?br />





纾佺洏闃靛垪鎺у埗鍣ㄥ崟鍏?br />

涓嶈秴杩?45 kg


涓嶈秴杩?45 kg


AC100 鈥?240V, 50/60Hz


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Thoughts on the Current Financial Report

Enjoy smooth network software library, a good helper selection management software solutions group 2007 conference today, mankind has entered the new economy, financial reporting limitations in many areas has lagged behind the overall economic environment. And therefore it is imperative for major improvements.

First, the limitations of the current financial report

1. Not reflect non-monetary information

Confirmed by traditional accounting standards are based on a subject based on past transactions, future transactions and events occurred is not recognized. However, with the deepening of the development of financial innovations, such as futures, options, derivatives like "Small is Big," which contains the infinite opportunities and risks, and to the future fulfillment of the contract during the standpoint of the characteristics, traditional Accounting helpless. Second, with the rapid development of information technology, human resources, intangible assets, digital assets, financial derivatives and other information become increasingly important. In today's new era of business value of future cash flows and market power where it is these traditional accounting statements on the factors that have not appeared. Information, competition means business life and death to some extent the competition, but mainly because of existing financial statements reflect the monetary measure of historical cost data, the vast majority of the accounting statements of tangible assets, information, and a large number of invisible The information can not reflect the assets, and thus considerably reduce the usefulness of accounting information for decision-making.

2. Unable to meet the needs of the timeliness of information

The most important feature is that the information timely, current financial reporting disclosure can not achieve the timely nature of the quality of accounting information, the disclosure of the cycle, time is too long, such as enterprise's annual financial reporting requirements for the end of year 4 months Bao Chu, and Zhong Qi financial reporting requirements in the medium term within two months after the report out report out after so long and how much information is useful then, to spell out what companies are worth? in the rapidly changing modern society, two months of the time enterprise's financial situation could change dramatically. Thus, the existing financial reporting system has not keep up with the pace of development of modern society.

3. Unable to meet the different needs of information users

With standard financial reporting model is the common enterprise to financial information to the user an effective way, but this common type of report inevitably neglected needs of different users on the differences between the information and use of difference. With the increasing complexity of socio-economic, organizational forms in society and the status of competition in the market is changing, in addition to direct investors, creditors, the external and internal also emerged a number of different users of accounting information, including government departments, customers, partners, social sector and so on. Traditional industrial economy is the focus of information users financial information, and in the knowledge economy should not only obtain financial information, but also access to non-financial information. Disclosure of information the user requests to expand the content, quality of information emphasized in the relevance of information, consistency and timeliness. Therefore, how to properly resolve the differences in the use of these information problems, then to the future information disclosure raised new challenges.

4. Unable to meet the needs of the forward-looking information

The traditional income statement is based on essentials of traditional accounting earnings and revenue costs based on the concept of financial performance report form, which in the prices stable, single-market economic activities, Waibu low-risk economic environment is appropriate, it is accurate to reflect the business activities of the proceeds. However, with the increased degree of market economy, price volatility has become the process of economic development can not escape the phenomenon. There is growing recognition that the historical cost measurement model for the lack of the traditional income statement, especially the 80's last century more than 2,000 U.S. financial institutions engaged in financial instrument transactions in financial difficulty, but before the financial report is still in crisis show "good" results of operations.璁稿 investors, the lack of historical cost financial reporting perspective, predictive information, not only failed to send financial regulators and investors, warning signals, and even misled the investors Huan, Shi Qi judging error.

5. Can not meet the reliability requirements of information

The limitations of existing enterprise accounting statements of accounting personnel is also reflected in the reliability of financial statements that accountants tend to gloss over statements. In order to reasonably reflect the relationship between income and expenses, results of operation and management of the reporting enterprise, in the end, business matching principle according to a lot of adjustments and transfer processing. Although the occurrence of financial data processing is based on transactions as the basis for accounting recognition and measurement, but because of this transfer and the different treatments of subjectivity, coupled with corporate accounting statements is to provide to the enterprise of foreign investors and creditors use, therefore, from enterprise management to the accountants want a good accounting statements reflect the Company's operating results, accounting personnel with this mentality to prepare its financial statements, accounting reports on the making of color with a whitewash.

Second, the eight aspects of financial reporting to improve

1. Derivative financial instruments should be emphasis on the benefits and risks arising from the disclosure of information

With financial innovation, such as futures, options like no actual transaction but only the future economic benefits of the rights or obligations of increasingly complex types of derivative financial instruments, such derivative financial instruments may lead to future financial situation of enterprises, dramatic changes in profitability . If no such risk of derivative financial instruments be disclosed, could cause users of financial reports for investment and credit decision-making mistakes. Although the present stage is not yet mature capital markets, derivative financial instruments is still rare, not much influence on enterprises, but we should be early Zhuoshou research in this area, to meet our capital market development and improvement. The purpose of the disclosure of financial instruments is to provide to enhance understanding in the balance sheet and balance-sheet financial instruments on the financial situation, performance and cash flows of the importance of information to help evaluate the financial instruments related to future cash flows of the financial, time, and determine of, in addition to the amount of information on specific financial instruments and transactions in particular information, to encourage enterprises to provide information on the use of financial instruments, the associated risks, the business purpose of the service description.

2. Should focus on disclosure of information on human resources

With the gradual arrival of knowledge economy, the focus on disclosure of information inventory, machinery and equipment and other physical assets on the limitations of the current financial report has been increasingly shown, This was reflected in the size of the Value of physical assets and enterprises to create future cash flow capacity is also weakened the correlation between, and even the current market value and business relationship between the falls. Under the current accounting system, investment in human expenditure, no matter what amount, should be as current expenses, which makes human assets are substantially undervalued at a cost greatly. This is also the current financial reporting more and more criticism by one of the main. Disclosure of information on human resources, human resources, in addition to in-depth study of theories and methods of measurement, but also involves the confirmation of human capital, and the resulting distribution of benefits and other issues of great difficulty, should be the subject of accounting an important subject to study.

3. Enterprises should pay attention to the disclosure of comprehensive income information

In addition to the existing comprehensive income included in the profit and loss account has been realized and recognized gains and losses also include unrealized gains or losses, failing to achieve the property revaluation surplus, business investment unrealized gains / losses, net investment in foreign currency translation differences. In China, corporate disclosure of comprehensive income has important practical significance, because: First, our market changes, some enterprises, especially the old business, the value of assets held by the reality of difference and the accounting book value of assets is very poor, this certainly is a difference between expected profit and loss, it would be revealed more fully reflect the true earnings of enterprises, help investors and creditors in decision-making. Second, can effectively curb corporate profits or gloss over control performance. The gains or losses not recognized by other methods such as the replacement of assets into current profit or loss is the most common way to manipulate profits, if adopted comprehensive income report on a fundamental control in this way to prevent the possibility of profit, so that more realistic accounting information. Because of this, China should step up research in this area, early formulation of the comprehensive income disclosure rules.

4. Should pay attention to forecasts of future trends in the value of disclosure of information

Disclosure of forecast information, there are different perceptions and practices. In theory, the best forecast of the disclosure form is a complete financial report, but in practical terms to complete the preparation of accurate financial reporting is very difficult to predict, the feasibility of difference. From the practical point of view, many countries require listed companies to provide earnings per share forecast data. I think that the preparation of a complete financial report predicted the existence not only technically difficult, more importantly, there is no value. Because of different interests from their own point of view inspection company, is bound to its attitude on the benefits and risks of different to have different values. That being the case, companies also unnecessary the preparation of a comprehensive financial report forecast. Disclosure of business trends in the future value of information should be detailed in the table as far as possible outside the corporate disclosure and predict the future value of some related information, such as business investment, market share, material costs down, new product development, etc., the internal conditions of enterprises and external environment, information for users of financial reports predict the future value of business trends provide useful information services.

5. Value-added tables should be prepared, reflecting the company's contribution to society and its contribution to the volume of distribution

Current Financial Report of the main services of the main investors and creditors, the disclosure of the contents of the main creditors and investors and investment and credit decision-making related to the profitability and financial conditions in the company of these statements do not reflect the true contribution to society the amount that companies provide value-added or value added, but does not reflect the amount of the distribution of contributions. In the political and economic democracy of today, the traditional financial reporting in this area inadequacies become increasingly prominent. First, the currency's dominance of capital gradually weakened, human, intellectual capital is the growing proportion of the contribution, which requires financial reports to users of these information services; second, the trend of democratization of political and economic domination of monetary capital requirements were announced the amount of corporate contributions to the community and contribute to the amount of the distribution, in order to facilitate monitoring of social enterprises; Third, public enterprises real contribution to society and the distribution of the amount, help mediate between the various capital providers, and business and society, national government, and thus the distribution of interests in resolving the conflict created in the effort to increase interest and has played an active role; fourth, the state enterprises to understand the real contribution to society, help to formulate the National Science macro-control measures to promote economic development. There are many countries such as Britain and France have begun to prepare, or even to the public. Study in China should pay close attention to "value-added table" theory and methodology and introduce relevant criteria, as soon as possible "value-added table" into our financial reporting system within the.

6. Should pay attention to the environmental impact of corporate disclosure

Enterprise is the creator of wealth, but also the main polluters of the environment, there is a close with relations environment. Understand the environmental impact on the enterprise survival and development of state information to investors, creditors, regulators and other interest groups and business-related terms are of great significance. First of all, survival is related to a business that can continuing operations issues, such as a business Buneng going, then going on the basis of accounting information would be meaningless; Second, understanding environmentally-related liabilities arising from , pollution control costs, depreciation of asset values and other environmental risks losses affect development of the information is beneficial to investors, creditors, managers, etc. to make the right decisions. Higher current financial neglected to disclose the information in this area, no longer meet the increasing requirements of environmental protection, measures to increasingly stringent requirements of the socio-economic situation.

Therefore, the disclosure of corporate environmental impacts, improve financial reporting information should be used as one of the elements.

7. Consumption of natural resources should be the case is revealed

With the progress of science and technology, deepen understanding of human nature, limited natural resources have a more full understanding of the corresponding understanding of wealth has also been raised about the scope of the wealth of wealth from the extended to the artificial man-made and natural wealth and wealth. Enterprise is the producer of man-made wealth, but also the largest consumer of natural wealth, what a business whether on the contribution of the growth of social wealth, to see whether it created artificial wealth to make up for the consumption of natural wealth. Obviously, the existing investors on capital gains and losses calculated only the financial report does not provide this information. Therefore, it is necessary to improve it.


On THE implementation of financial knowledge in the use of

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